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Thread: Can you write? Do you need work?

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    Can you write? Do you need work?

    Hello there. Welcome to my thread!

    Can you write articles and create content? If so, this may be an opportunity for you to start making money by receiving employment opportunities as they become available through a number of sources. My team and I scour the web to find a variety of content creation opportunities, which we then add to our database, and distribute the work directly to our contractors - you could be one of them!

    Q:So how does this work?
    A:Simple! We find work, get accepted to complete it, then transfer all the details to you. You complete the work and send it to us and we pay you right away. This benefits you because you will receive a steady flow of work opportunities for free! This means that you don't need to search for work or try and track down clients!

    Q:What's the catch?
    A:There isn't one. You don't pay anything. You don't risk anything. Everybody wins. We simply work as a middle-man to connect you with people who need content and articles, and we all profit from this method.

    Q:How do I get involved?
    A:This part is easy. Just follow these steps:

    1. Give me your name, e-mail address and country of residence.
    2. Tell me what you can do: Writing, Rewriting, etc.
    3. Tell me how much you charge.
    4. Provide me with samples of your work. Include reviews or iTrader if applicable.

    This helps me see if you're the kind of writer we need.

    Please send your information to me via PM or to the following e-mail:

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    I sent you an email regarding this writing position.


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    Do you still have the same requirement?

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