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Thread: Cheapest Articles Writing Service on Earth

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    Cheapest Articles Writing Service on Earth

    Hi there,

    Below is a thread of mine at DP ;- I'm looking for just one order at the moment !!!

    50 Articles in any niche for $ 50 !!! Ultra Cheap !!! Top Class !!!

    If interested, pm me.

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    That's cheap Got any article so I could check the quality? Do you also write adult stories?

    Thanks in advance
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Here is a sample article :-

    What is PLR? Like me you also might have heard this word many times before. PLR refers to Private Label Rights. We can get PLR articles, PLR ebooks, PLR software products etc. But what does this mean? right? Suppose that we bought 5k PLR articles for $ 5 (yes, these PLR things are pretty cheap now a days - don't get shocked seeing the price), then we get the right to publish them in our blog by changing the content a little bit. Not just that, we can even publish them as it is - no one is gonna question us for that - just because these are PLR articles, and we have the right to do whatever we want with it. PLR products come with Master Re-sale rights as well. It means that we can sell the same thing to others - just like the seller sold them to us.

    How to get these PLR products like ebooks, articles, etc? A good place to get PLR products is from forums like DP,namepros etc. There, you will find people selling these kind of stuffs for pretty cheap prices. As I have mentioned earlier, you can get 5K of PLR articles for even $5 - so that speaks about the price of the PLR products. So, don't get scammed from people when they tell you that they are gonna give you 1000 PLR articles for just $ 100. There are a lot of people who knows nothing about PLR products and wastes their money for PLR products this way. These guys get excited when seeing such an offer and buy them the same moment. Only after buying it for such high price, these people comes to know about the real value of those PLR products. By the time they come to know about it, it would become too late.

    How to make money with PLR products? You might be wondering whether it would be easy or not? right? It's pretty easy to make money from PLR products if you do it the right way. Here we are going to explain you one of the many things that you can do with PLR products.

    Suppose you bought about 1 K PLR articles from someone. The next thing you should do is to find an article re-writer who would re-write these articles for you for pretty cheap prices. It's gonna cost you just $ 25 for 25 articles of 500 words each. Give the article re-writer 25 PLR articles from your collection of PLR articles and ask him to re-write them as soon as possible. Most of the re-writers would do it within 24 hours of time. This is the most important part. Now let's get into the next part.

    Now you are having with you 25 unique articles. You may check it for plagiarism before you pay the article re-writer. Don't pay if it doesn't pass copyscape. There is no use of plagiarized content. It's because search engines would find it out easily if our site/blog is having copied content and will penalize our site the same moment. Thus we won't be ranking in search engines from then on - and thus our blog/website will be of no use from then on. Let's hope that you got 25 copyscape passed articles from those 25 PLR articles that you submitted to the article re-writer.

    Publish one article each day in your blog from those 25 articles. This way you would be having 25 blog posts that are 100 % unique and copyscape passed after 25 days. During this time, you can do a little bit of promotion to your blog and make it indexed in the search engines. Indexing in the search engines is not a tough job. You can find people who would do that for as cheap as $5 - in forums and all. So, the amount of money you have spent so far is just $ 25 and you are with a blog that has 25 unique articles which is indexed and is 25 days old as well.

    Now, go to your favorite forum which allows you to sell websites and blogs. Post a thread informing others that you are selling your blog which consists of 25 articles. And don't forget to mention that the site is 25 days old and indexed too. You would be getting at least $ 100 for such a site. This way you'll be making a profit of $ 75 from one blog. Just think, if you are having 25 such blogs!! The earning potential from PLR products is thus infinitely large.

    To get a better idea about my writing style, check my blog (check my sig - with title DP fan blog) .

    @Aquarezz, ooops, sorry, I don't write adult stories!!!
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    Is the $50 for 50 articles offer still available? If yes, I'll take it - webmaster related topics, will give you more details along with the payment.

    Pl. PM your paypal details.

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    Is there a minimum amount of articles we must order?

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    2 More spots are Remaining!

    (A member at DP had asked me to book a spot for him saying that he'll be ordering 2 packages. But he didn't do payment till now! - seems like he is not serious !!)

    So, there are 2 more spots available !!!

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    Is this offer still open? If yes I would like to place an order.

    Please tell me how to make payment to you.

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