I am a English writer looking to build up a list of clients and develop long term business relationships. I have been writing content for over 3 years on Digitalpoint Forums on a variety of topics. I have an extremely high turnaround time and always get assignments completed and turned in promptly. I am available for both part time or full time work. I always do thorough research on all content topics to make sure that they are top quality and written intelligently. I am also an English major, so my grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is excellent. All of the content I produce is guaranteed to pass copyscape 100%. Also if they do not pass Copyscape simply don't pay me a single penny.

My rate is only $1.00/100 words, not much high as compared to the rates going on in today's Content Creation market.

Every article will be handwritten. I won't just try to butter you to try my services, but I would say, " If you try my service you would get an overview about the quality that I provide."

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Procedure for placing your order:

1. Just post your order over here or email me your order at the_mask_lover@yahoo.com ( subject line of the mail should be your netbuilder username )
2. When I will receive your order, I will send you a confirmation reply stating the status of your order and about the payment details.
3. When the order is done, it will be mailed to you in a .doc format
4. Lastly if you can spare some few more minutes after the order is processed then post a small review about my writing service over here.

Personal Information about Me :
My name is NiX and I am a Technical engineering officer working with Reliance communications.

Email id : the_mask_lover@yahoo.com
Yahoo : the_mask_lover
Paypal : the_mask_lover@yahoo.com
Mobile : +919766666696