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    Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    When are you going to start manual article directory submissions ??
    Thanks for the review and the great question, Javan.

    I now offer the following service:
    Article Writing + Submission:
    Submission to Ezine Articles, TheFreeLibrary, ArticlesBase and GoArticles. (Best Article Directories)
    Price: Article Price + $2 (Payment must be sent up-front for this service!)

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    Kovich did an awesome job for me. I handed him 5 topics. He agreed to complete 3 of them. The other 2, he suggested I send to someone more knowledgeable on the subject. This, right here, is what I like in a writer. This portrays honesty and the fact that he will only write an article if he is positive that the quality of the work will be at its best.

    Kovich discussed these articles in-depth with me. He shared his intentions, put them to work, and finally made known any problems that he had.

    For an additional cost, Kovich took screenshots to make the visitor's experience a whole lot better.

    These articles were delivered 16 hours and 49 minutes after I sent Kovich the topics. They were written well before this. Timezone issues create slow communication - timezones really suck.

    One word of advice. Don't take this the wrong way. Capitalization. You need to work on this a little. I'm thinking that there may have been some form of reason behind this. My keywords and other potential keywords (of which some were acronyms - but the point is, some weren't) were capitalized. I edited as many instances of these as I could, provided that the time I devoted towards editing stayed practical. I've probably missed a few, so don't take the published copies as examples for next time. It's only a minor issue, I won't worry about touching these up any further.

    Check out his work at:

    I'll assign you with another (hopefully larger) project next month. Look forward to working with you again!

    @Shenron - Kovich's mine!

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