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Thread: ***^^^<<<Content Writer>>>^^^*** Hire me If you need quality!!!

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    Talking ***^^^<<<Content Writer>>>^^^*** Hire me If you need quality!!!

    Good day,
    I have finally got free from all my study engagements so I thought to start-off writing again. Look I'm not going to blow my trumpet here and praising myself because I want you to do it after evaulating my writing skills. I've been writing articles, blogposts, and reviews for three years now. I can write on any niche and subject except for adults, sex toys, and xx. I'm very professional when it comes to delivering the assignments to my clients so you can count on me if you are looking for a pro writer with ability to complete orders in the timely fashion. I am not going to give any reviews copies but can care to compose paid article for you on demand. I can write and deliver 5 articles per day or more if the subject is very simple to attempt and write. Bulk orders are also accepted but I shouldn't be given reasonable amount of time for the completion. contact me at if you want to place an order with me.
    Thank you

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    Cool, what kind of rates do you charge?

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