We provide a service on writing article(s) for your web/blog or for the paid review program with such a cheap price of only $2 per article for 159-200 words in every article.
We guarantee that our paid review article will be approved, if its not, well make the new one until its approved or your money will be 100% returned.
The length of proceeding the articles depends on the amount of articles you are proposing and also depends on how many orders we are having at that time you are ordering.
But normally the length of time we need to finish each article is 30 minutes. As many article as you order, means that we are going to prioritize on doing your articles first. You can choose articles from any categories we provide or you can just request the topic of your article.
The articles we write are unique and content fresh, able to break in the copyscape and they are not a copy-paste results
category: -electronic -game -cellular -health -science -busines -sports
-computers -entertainment -food etc.
You can also ask for sub topic from that categories we have, for example you choose a category of health and you can go more specific about diets so your content will be nicer.

The methods in paying the fees: you can use a paypal :
Paypal: (please email us to do a payment using paypal)
$2 USD. per 200 words (for those of you who want to pay via paypal)
Working hours: 8 am 10 pm
How to order:
1. Send your order to servicecontent@yahoo.com. Your email will be responded in minutes
2. Do the payments due to how many articles you are ordering, let say you order 10 articles so the total amount of money you have to pay is $2 X 10 = $20
3. Confirm your payment by sending us email to servicecontent@yahoo.com
4. On average, we are proceeding each article in 30 minutes, but it also depends on how many articles we have in that time, well respond in email as soon as possible, in working hour from 8 am 10 pm
5. We will send all of your articles to your email after we are done proceeding your article(s).


For further question please contact us in :
mail : servicecontent@yahoo.com

Price list :
150-200 words: $2
250 words: $2,5
300 words: $3
400 words: $4
500 words : $4,5

Every article are written manually by English Lit students, so its not a software result, break in the copyscape (feel free to check manually in copyscape.com). we also accept any review articles.
We accept the SEO optimized articles as well, the keywords and the density are yours to decide, so that the position of your articles will be easier to enter the SERP search engine.
We also accept a service on rewriting articles, the price will remain the same as original articles, even though it is a rewrite we guarantee that the article will still be fresh and break in the copyscape.
Besaide those, we accept a cooperation for paid review program and the making of Private Label Article, please send us email for more detail