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Thread: Do you want Quality Content? Then Don't Look Further

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    This guy tried to trick me as well. He's very ambiguos and strange.
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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    Thx KonCorps for your feedback as well.

    Now NBers, can u get the clear picture of this fraud? Well this person should be banned and I request the moderator to have a look at this.

    Kicchu u robbed me really !

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    I updated Anubhutti about the status. I have 30 writers with me and they are all happy working under me. I don't want you to spam my thread anymore. I paid him, He is satisfied. now the thing is over.

    Quote Originally Posted by sausambros View Post
    This is not the issue whom you paid or not. This shows of your irregular in making payments. Why r u not believing the words of your writers, Kicchu? When they are saying that u have robbed of their services, then u are sole responsible for ur actions.

    You should be punished and I wish that no clients should take any sort of risks by hiring your services.
    Oh god. whats happening????? These guys are so jealous. I am here to offer my quality service but these guys are making my life hell. Please moderator help me.

    Quote Originally Posted by KonCorps View Post
    This guy tried to trick me as well. He's very ambiguos and strange.
    Last edited by Will.Spencer; 12 November, 2009 at 16:55 PM. Reason: Let's keep this professional.

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    The moderator now has a clear idea about you.

    I would like the moderator to review his words that he has used in the forum making it dirty. Nobody would love to see these words in such a good forum like NetBuilders. The moderator should definitely BAN him for his abusive words that he has used. This is my kind request to the moderator.
    Last edited by Will.Spencer; 12 November, 2009 at 16:56 PM. Reason: Evenly enforcing common sense.

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    I agree with sausambros. The moderator should take immediate action against Kicchu.

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    Wow this thread has developed in to shits . better get it removed or closed please report to a moderator instead asking for one to com and take look

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    Oh god, Moderators could you get rid of these guys from my thread? These guys are making my life hell. I am a quality freelance writer providing my quality service to reputed clients all over the world. These guys are very jealous me. I want moderator to take action against these guys especially Sonu123 and SausamBros, who doesn't have a single iTrader.

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    I'm going to report this thread for moderator review.

    This has gotten way out of hand... Kichu, you need to respond to threads like this in a professional manner. =\

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    I won't be deleting this thread so we can keep a record...

    **Thread Closed**

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