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    I've been playing games for years, spanning many different genres on many different consoles. And in all those years, its hard to remember a period that was so crammed with awesome new releases. A new breed of gamer has brought to my attention. that’s because ‘he’ is actually ‘me’.

    we all know about the hardcore and the casual games. Now (the stands up to take a bow) let me introduce to the uber-casual!. Allow me to define him for you. Back in the day’ he was all about the videogames–he owned a Spectrum or a C64, then a SNES or Mega Drive and has moved onto PlayStation2, Playstation3 or *cough* xbox, Xbox 360 in recent years. His knowledge and play list of videogames is second to none but now he is in his twenties /early twenties he’s become board, jaded and thinks that videogames have become too long. It’s probably because he has more to worry about; playing Videogames. It may even be because he has little lappy to look after. Whatever the reason , he simply does not have time to play games anymore and decided to make a awesome content writing service for the gaming fans to share his knowledge about the gaming world.

    my rate is $0.70/100 words
    I am an experienced article writer, All my articles are well researched, error free and is in accordance with the requirements of the projects that is assigned to me.

    I assure you exceptional quality and timely completion of work.

    Looking forward to work with you!
    Waiting for the positive response from your side
    my email address is

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