I have an opportunity for several people. My theory is, to grow a forum, you have to have members and content. Who cares if you buy the members and content to begin with? Not many people IMO. The niche is sports betting.

I have three jobs available, please PM which you are interested in and your weekly rate (7 days) for the moderator job.


I would like to hire 2 Mods, or 1 Mod and 1 Admin.

Mods would be responsible for (basic):

1. Posting within forum (25+ per day)
2. Keeping peace/enforcing rules
3. Promoting forum/attracting members
4. Initiating/Continuing conversations
5. Simple data transfer if time is available

I would like to have one Mod/Admin active around the clock, myself included, if possible. Let me know how many hours you can work per week.

Data Transfer and Forum Poster
Basically, I will give you a place to locate data. You will transfer this data to my site once it's available in a form I can explain via PM. You will then provide 20+ quality posts on the forums per day.

Please leave your rate for 20 posts and simple data transfer per day.

Basic command of the english language is a must. [ame][URL="http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1526076#post12636951"][/ame]