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Thread: High quality complete ready made matrimonial website developer

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    High quality complete ready made matrimonial website developer

    Hello Everyone,
    best offer:-

    We Are Selling PHP Script In Very Low Price

    For Demos Check This :-
    Solematch . com
    Matchmatri . com

    For Live Site Check :-

    Guest Module:-

    * Member registration (paid or free)
    * Browse categories that are sorted by region, community,
    Religion Basic search on homepage
    * Advanced search with additional parameters
    * Non-members can see results of listings but with limited info
    Members have unrestricted access to the complete profile
    * Featured profile listings on homepage along with thumbnail images
    Static information pages Members Module :-
    * Membership Info
    * Manage membership account info
    * Order details
    * Email Alert Configuration
    * Change partner profile
    * Edit own profile
    * Upgrade Profiule
    * Upload Photos (multiple)
    * Protect Photo
    * Upload Horoscope
    * Family Info - Father, Mother name, status, etc.
    * Partner Preference
    * Contact Profiles
    * Hobbies
    View Details of Members Search Module :-
    * Quick or Smart Search
    * Advanced Search
    * Search by Profile ID
    * Search by City/ State
    Contact Members Module:-
    * Show or Express Interest
    * List of members whom I have accepted
    * List of members who have accepted me
    * List of members who have contacted me
    * List of members whom I have contacted
    * Listing of all incoming messages
    * Listing of all sent messages
    * Forward the profile to a friend
    * Send Personalized Messages
    * Bookmark Profile
    * Print Profile

    Contact Me At :-

    Cell:- +91-9251026226

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    way 2 sms clone for sale

    way 2 sms clone for sale

    for more information check :-

    DEMO -:

    Admin Demo -:

    Username:- admin

    Password:- admin

    * My account :-
    o Dashboard :- (summery section)
    + Account detail
    + Contacts
    + Group
    + Invites Sent
    + Alert
    o Update Profile
    + modification of complete registration fields
    + Interested field of advertisement
    + Change mobile no.
    + Change password
    * My Contact:-
    o Add Contacts
    + Name, Country prefix , Mobile no., Gender
    o Add Group
    + Group name
    o Manage Contacts
    + All Contacts
    # Update Contact's details
    # Delete Contact
    # Send SMS to Contacts
    + Group Selection
    # Add new group
    # Add Contacts
    # send group SMS
    * Send SMS :-
    o Send SMS
    + Mobile No.
    + Massage Body
    o Alerts
    + Alert time
    + Alert No.
    + Massage
    o Inbox
    + Delete
    + forward
    + reply
    + massage report date wise
    o Outbox
    + Delete
    + forward
    + reply
    + massage report date wise
    * My Votes:- this section is used for voting on questions set by admin (this section is for get interest of users in website)
    * My Advertisement: - this section is advertise of client's product globally by doing advertisement through our site SMS service. (this section is used for earn money from users after a finishing there free given amount for more advertisement. not so much effective)
    o My ads
    + account balance
    + amount spent
    + create ads
    o Classified:-
    + add available ads of users in site
    * Contact Us
    * Feed back
    * Blog (manage By admin with new posts)
    * Forums (manage by admin)
    * Terms and Conditions
    * Privacy & Anti-Spam Policy
    * Disclaimer`

    Other Considerable points

    1. 50 SMS for a single member in a day
    2. 10 SMS at a no. by a user account in a day.
    3. Forgot and new password's sent on mobile.


    1. Multiple Admin management
    2. Mange all fields of registration
    3. Manage all the members details
    4. manage all members contact details
    5. manage all the advertisement ads of users
    6. manage all the classified ads of users
    7. manage banner advertisement on website
    8. manage website static pages details
    9. manage invoicing
    10. manage reports
    11. manage polls
    12. manage forums topics
    13. manage specifications/keywords of website
    14. Management of existing database of mobile no.
    15. Instant database backup

    pm me & contact me at:-
    tech biz sol

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