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    Talking I will write for you buddy!!


    Well I was tired of sending boring PM, continuing the same offers all the time_ I am an experienced writer… been working for seven years….. I have written one millions articles lolz, I can return your articles within 24 hours….. You won’t find mistakes as m a native…
    I thought to present my writing quality in a different way; you will get your all questions answered in my poem.

    Writing is my passion,
    Quality is more than any obsession,
    Three words might present my writing style,
    Uniqueness, accuracy and dedication,
    My articles meant to be of high standard,
    I write very to the point with unwanted complications,
    I hate when a client says “he wants quality work”, “Though he likes my work,”
    Even having no problem with the quality,
    For no apparent reason,
    He would put me on probation,
    I hate this nastily procedure for selection,
    Why should I be tested?
    When I am saying, I have guts to write,
    I am an author having ego and pride,
    Guess which my favourite toy is,
    It’s none other than a cute snoopy,
    Guess one more thing; what!!! Curious,
    I don’t offer free review copy,
    If you wanna get a test article written,
    Do pay for it rather spending on mutton (lunch, dinner supper!!),
    I wanna yell louder than before, wanna claim once again,
    Writing is my passion,
    I don’t like to write crap,
    My rates are very flat,
    If you need quality articles,
    Keep one thing in your mind,
    Quality comes at a good price,
    Writing is rather hard than making a hot slice,
    Why should I be shy?
    Charging you with a price little high,
    Writing is not only my passion,
    For me it’s also source of income,
    You shouldn’t mind paying on time,
    Even when work is according to your satisfaction….
    You’ll be happy, I’m happy,
    When articles are just bullcrap,
    When they could make you good cash,
    You’ll admit my that m kinda qualified writer,
    A writer with dedication, honestly and perfection….
    All is because writing is my passion.
    I hope you won’t put me on probation,
    Let’s build a long term business relation,
    You say, you write, tell me whatever you want,
    I would always pay attention,
    And I would write with full concentration,
    Quality writers are rare,
    If you have writers, they provide sheer (quality),
    You gotta no option but trust me,
    As I’ve been writing for years (4),
    I am kinda a big articles’ mine,
    What you needa do is to,
    Dig your articles out within your time line.

    Rate; $0.02 per word Negotiable On Demand
    Quality of content; superb
    Daily capability; 5-10(500words)
    Samples; will be sent on demand.

    Thanks for reading this post.
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