Hey there NB'ers,

I've made a promise to myself few days ago: I'm going to make at least 5 posts weekly at my primary blog: Solid Entrepreneur | Discover My Online Money Making Adventures
So far it's going good and I've kept the promise.

Anyway, I need someone (or more than 1) to "watch my back" when I can't post or if I post too it will be great for the blog.

The blog was with no posts for 1 month and I won't let that happen again even if I have to write while I'm swimming (when I'm on vacation ). The traffic is not high because I've never worked hard on the blog but it's not bad for a project that used to be abandoned for 1 full month.

I can only give you free promotion of your blog/site in the posts you'll write and a blogroll link. Also, you if you have any inquiries or need help for your own projects I'll be glad to help me.

If you're interested or have any questions/proposals just drop me a PM. Please link of your blog so I can check your writing style. Send me your IM too.