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Thread: Money-Making Tips: Affiliate Marketing (Article of 496 Words)

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    Money-Making Tips: Affiliate Marketing (Article of 496 Words)

    Hello there!

    I am looking to sell a unique, CopyScape passed article of 496 words titled:
    Money-Making Tips: Affiliate Marketing

    Here is a small excerpt from the article:

    Getting paid depends on how the affiliate program is designed. A few merchants will operate their own affiliate program. They will have a particular type of software that will assign each affiliate marketer a unique link that is utilized when advertising the merchandise. The software system will track sales of each and every marketer and the merchant will pay a commission (which is a specified portion of the sale price) on a regular basis using a common method of payment such as PayPal or by issuing a check.
    Title: Money-Making Tips: Affiliate Marketing
    Word Count: 496
    Price: $4.00 (I believe this is a reasonable price.)
    Format: .txt

    Payment via PayPal. Article will be sent right after payment is received!

    Edit: Price reduced to $4!

    I created a "noindex,nofollow" page to show you another brief excerpt of the article here.

    This article will be sold once. It is unique and not published anywhere else.

    Article Sold!
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