While it's possible to query for books info by ISBN from Amazon product advertising API or Google API, it'd be much better if we have the MySQL database readily available on our own server at our full disposal.

Here's the deal. For a fair price, we now have *all* the books and all its related information such as ISBN, title, author, publisher, publishing date, and many more data fields organized in a MySQL database that can be immediately deployed for your project, be it a website or an application.

See this page for all the details: 18,392,601 Books (Unique ISBN) and 4 Million Book Cover Images

When I say *all* I mean constantly updated. While it may not contain the latest books, we are updating it every 6 or 12 months to catch up with the latest releases. In fact, we have updated this database about 5 or 6 times since the first version which had only 4 million titles with no cover images. Eventually, it will grow as big as the databases used by Google or Amazon. And the updates are ALL FREE for paying customers as per our lifetime update policy that enables our customers to download all future updates for free. So one-time payment, lifetime updates.