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Thread: Native English Writer @ $5 for 500 words,24 h turnaround,copy scape passes

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    Native English Writer @ $5 for 500 words,24 h turnaround,copy scape passes

    With our 5 years experience you can be assured that i will offer you nothing but the highest quality articles for your money. Al articles are written by a native English speaker so there is no concern about grammatical errors or poor wording. I am Ezine platinum writer and also submit my articles.
    I am trained in SEO,so i am always thinking of other relevant keywords keyword density while i write.

    My articles are not spun garbage that makes no sense.These are original hand written unique articles at a great prize so please dont ask me to write for cheaper price.If you want to ensure your site ranks well now and in the future spend extra couple bucks now.


    300 words-$3.5
    500 words-$5

    On bulk orders we have a good discount,here they come

    For 300 words article:

    For 500 words article:

    Payment only through paypal.
    For further assistance contact me at

    Thank you.

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    Please note you are offering services, and the title must be [WTS], kindly change it.


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