I’ve recently activated my new website offering high-quality PLR articles. Not a lot of content there yet, but I’ll be steadily adding more in the weeks to come. If you’d like to check it out go to:


I would welcome article topic suggestions. Anyone suggesting a specific article topic or topics will receive private notification as soon as the articles are uploaded to the website, and so will have first shot at buying them. I’m comfortable researching/writing about most topics, but if you suggest a topic that I don’t feel I can do a good job with, I’ll let you know.

My site is currently set-up to sell single articles, but as I get more content loaded onto the site, I plan to also offer packs of 5 articles at the reduced price of $1 per article. Also, if you’d like to request a pack of 5 articles about a given topic, I’ll upload those to the site as a pack as soon as I can complete them, and notify the requester privately as soon as the article pack is available for purchase.