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    New PLR Website

    Hi all,

    Some time ago I announced on this forum my new PLR website:

    As I noted at the time, there wasn’t (and still is not) a large selection of articles for sale – just a sprinkling of articles in a few different niches. My hope was that I would get suggestions from potential customers as to the topics they would like to see available, and then build the product offerings based upon that input.

    The announcement was received by this forum with a huge, resounding, overwhelming…YAWN! Not a single article sold!!

    So if anyone would care to reply, I’m curious about the lack of interest. Is the PLR market simply over served and saturated? Are none of the article topics of interest?

    Or could it even be that my writing is unimpressive (GASP!) to those who viewed the sample articles. I think that I’m a decent writer, and that the quality of all of my articles is of a very high caliber. But I must admit, of course, that I’m not exactly an unbiased critic.

    In case anyone would like to give some of my articles a try, I’m temporarily reducing the price of each article to 50 cents. So if you need some quality content, why not throw caution to the wind and gamble a whole 4 bits on finding a new source of high quality content?

    And if you do purchase content on a regular basis, but you’re not interested in mine, I’d sure like to know why, if you’d be kind enough to let me know.

    Either way, thanks!

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    PLR is so readily available, for free. NetBuilders member Tom has posted dozens of free PLR packages. Why pay?

    P.S. I'd happily purchase content off you, if it weren't to be resold and if it were on topics that I could choose.

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    Ahh, so I'm trying to sell what others are giving away. I'm not quite sure I understand why someone would give away their work (or someone else's), but I certainly can't compete with that!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, Charles. I'm an I.M. newbie (I guess that's painfully obvious!), and I appreciate the explanation.

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