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Thread: Offering TV Shows Episodes links for only $5!!!

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    Thumbs up Offering TV Shows Episodes links for only $5!!!


    I'm offering House TV Episodes video links. Heading, description and video link. i ll provide data in excel sheet to proper episodes.
    Payment by paypal. Looking forward for your orders!

    PM me for payment info, Thanks for looking!

    You can use this content for making a tv shows site with video streaming and if you add trascripts with this you will get a good number of visitors.

    If you are using the wordpress installation i am give the xml which you can import directly with the site without any data entry work [ for this we need 7$ ].

    Santhosh Kumar

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    Do these links work globally, or just in the U.S.?

    Are these legal links, i.e. can we be reasonably certain they will continue in operation for some time?

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    they ll work globally. And they ll remain atleast for next few months.

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    The legal links at Fox don't work globally, but they will be online much longer.

    So someone has copied these videos and posted them elsewhere, and you're selling links to where they have been posted illegally?

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    I collected tv shows links and i ll selling to here. So this is not a problem. I checked all links its all working. And one more thing they ll work globally.

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    Collecting TV shows links is one thing, but selling them here is another.

    How can we be sure those links are legal?

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    I telling sure this link are legal. If u wanna xml export file i ll provide you. you have directly import xml files to wordpress.

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    Naw, it's not legal... But, seriously, it's not that hard to find MegaVideo / YouKu links. They're frequently deleted... Because they're not legal.

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