Outsourcing? Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn't Always Choose "The Lowest Bidder"

True or false? Choosing the lowest bidder is a great way for business to reduce costs.

It all depends on WHAT you're bidding on. Do you need someone to supply, say, a few thousand nuts and bolts or packaging units? If you're looking for bids on some standardized durable item, then bidding makes sense.

Competitive bidding may even make sense for a large project within well-defined parameters.

As long as somebody monitors quality.

But when it comes to creative projects here, the lowest bidder may not be the best choice. Here's why-

1. The writer may not understand the scope of the project. Is the bid for one article or 50?

2. The writer may be someone who speaks English as a second language, located in a third world country where $3 is a veritable fortune. There's nothing wrong with that. Unless of course, they give you a blog that says something like "we please like provide with you the best service can you get on this Internet."

3. The writer may be using automated software to rewrite articles. Too many of these programs either rearrange sentences or replace words with synonyms. I can write about an automobile, a car, a convertible, a jalopy, a hot rod, or even a "beater" or a "hoopty" depending on the context. That doesn't make the terms interchangeable.

4. The writer may not be familiar with common idioms. A realtor will know about fsbo's, and a handyman will know that not all snakes are living creatures.

5. "You get what you pay for" is a cliche for a very good reason.

6. It isn't me. I'm probably not the lowest bidder on your project because I won't settle for fifty cents an hour to deliver crap. I write quality original articles with guaranteed perfect spelling and acceptable grammar. My best writing style is casual, and may not please a formal or automated "grammar checker".


7. Finally, if the lowest bidder IS me, then disregard items "1" through "4". As for "5", I'm just getting back into working online after 5 years of chaotic life changes and I need the references. So grab a bargain while you can. Send me a test assignment and see what happens!

I am willing to start at $1 per 100 words at present.

Awaiting a good response.