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Thread: PLR Article Pack: Snowboarding

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    PLR Article Pack: Snowboarding

    The articles in this free PLR article pack are all on topics related to snowboarding.
    1. burton-snowboarding.txt
    2. extreme-snowboarding.txt
    3. layout-myspace-snowboarding.txt
    4. skiing-snowboarding.txt
    5. snowboarding-boot.txt
    6. snowboarding-gear.txt
    7. snowboarding-jacket.txt
    8. snowboarding-pants.txt
    9. snowboarding-pictures.txt
    10. snowboarding.txt
    11. snowboarding-video.txt
    12. the-illustrated-guide-to-snowboarding.txt
    13. transworld-snowboarding.txt
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    Isn't it duplicate content if I post them in my blog?

  3. PLR content is always duplicate content. That gives you a few options:

    1. You can try to outrank everyone else on the web for the keywords in these articles.
    2. You can modify these articles to avoid the duplicate content filter.
    3. You can noindex these articles and make them available just for your site visitors.
    4. You can place them on your site as-is and just ignore the duplicate content filter.
    5. Instead of posting them on your own site, you can post them to article distribution sites to build links back to your site.
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    Thanks a lot for the explanation Will!

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