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Thread: Poems for sale

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    Smile Poems for sale

    Poems for sale

    1. Title is 'War of Equals'

    ''As smoke of machines clouds the mountains,
    I see you hidden behind a burnt ghostly tree.


    26 lines including these 2 lines.

    $8 for this War of Equals

    2.Title is 'Will You Come?? Will You??'

    ''The mind has no barrier has no boundaries
    we won't part again
    we will be together in sorrows...
    ... to own up the heavens

    28 lines including these 5 lines.

    $8 for the 'Will You Come?? Will You??'

    3.Title is 'The Man Of Great Things'

    ''The 'Green Hills' spreads the fragrance of nature,
    The gentle breeze engulfs its beauty

    24 lines including these 2 lines.

    $8 for the 'The Man Of Great Things'

    4.Title is 'The Rime of a spirit'

    ''My splendid appearance splatters at night,
    As my life shattered long ago.....

    17 lines including these 2 lines.

    $8 for the 'The Rime of a spirit'

    5.Title is 'That too will pass away'

    ''The roses that smile today,
    Though beautiful gay,
    Will shortly fade away.

    21 lines including these 3 lines.

    $10 for the 'That too will pass away'

    100% Unique work, PM me or reply in the thread

    Thank you,

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    Does anyone buy your poems?

    I see you posting on at least 2 sites but don't see any sales being made?
    I'll promote your product through video;
    How's that sound? Let me know what you think- - VIDEO SAMPLE

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    20% discount announced for the poems.

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