I want to offer article writing service

Usd $3.69 : 400 words : 1 article
Min : 10 articles
Max : 50 articles

Information / Details needed:
Density keyword.
Rich Keyword/ LSI/ Long Tail Keyword. etc...
Paragraphs or points.
Other as needed...

Our services:

High quality and unique.
EzineArticles approved.
All niche, except (Bible, porn and illegal).
10 articles 7-13 working days (we will do as fast we can).
Written by professional freelancers from all over the country.
We have unlimited professional freelancers are ready to write at any time.

Attention: about EZA warranty.
Please do not edit any content.
Please do not late submit (not more than 7 days)

For order
Please send information to my PM or my email at mymotivation89@gmail.com
we will reply within 72 hours (if urgent! please inform)

pay via:

*sample from EZA here

I will give some bonus for my customers ..