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Thread: rogueBATTLE RPG Script

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    rogueBATTLE RPG Script

    Hey all. I have had this reseller lisence of rogueBATTLE RPG Script. Here is a live, unedited demo:

    I am selling this script cheep, $20 per script. I do believe I payed around $180 for this script so you will be getting a bargain! You may not sell this once you have payed for it. More info on the game script:
    Ever wanted your very own online multiplayer RPG? Well now's the time. rogueBATTLE is easily customizable via CSS, and with the ability to edit most of the in-game settings, you could be running your very own RPG in minutes! In-Game Features + Training, Mining, Attacking: Build up an army and attack your enemies! + Random Events: Random findings of Gold, and Citizens turning up to your castle! + Account Profiles: Lets the players get to know each other better. + PM System: Send / Receive Personal Messages to / from other players in the game! + Forums: Communicate with fellow players in an open area! + and more! More information at the rogueBATTLE product page.

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    Wow. that is really cheap. I noticed that you are selling a lot of things. Are you not going to use them or you are tired of them?

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    I am tired of them to be honest. This is very cheep, it cost heaps more. Good buy for someone here

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