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    Select your article from the list - various subjects

    Hello people, how r u ..I hve the following articles entirely written by me for sale..Please pm me your bids..dont hesitate to bid if you feel it is kinda less but not too less .

    Diabetes - Tests Prevention And Cure -579

    Child Health- Statistics and Preventive Measures- 600

    NAPKIN PC- A technical modification to a napkin holder- 253

    Ipod- a must to have media gadget- 271

    Apple Iphone- a mix of a mobile phone,a media player and an internet device -304

    Spy gadgets- an overview - 300

    Mini projectors- save energy while presenting your ideas -230

    Home Theater System - a good bye to theaters

    An overview of getting scammed in online job sites and the corresponding preventive measures - 647

    Burn Out Paradise- Time to start a stunt -321

    Prototype - A must for superhero fans -305

    Grand Theft Auto 4- A Personnel Review - 404

    Flirting a pretty girl made easy- 364

    The copyright would be 200% yours once you purchase them. I will delete the articles from my System. : )

    2 health articles and overview of getting scammed sold - buyer: globalfusion

    gta 4 review sold in another community : )

    . I dont have the patience to wait anymore ..price of the remaining articles is just 10$ : )
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