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Thread: Selling 100 Articles at An Affordable Price

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    Selling 100 Articles at An Affordable Price

    Hey Guys,

    I am selling 100 articles at an affordable price. My niches are

    Health & Fitness
    and Travel

    All the articles are unique, CopyScape Passed and Written quite well. Most of them are few 500+words. My price is just $3 each. You can either buy all 100 articles or just one pack of 10 articles.

    Just PM your email id to send the articles along with the request of my paypal address and you will have the articles once I get the payment.

    Here the Individual Topics:


    1. Are there any advertising careers available?
    2. What are the advertising concepts and what do they do?
    3. What are adverting Merits and Demerits?
    4. What are adverting plans and how are they beneficial?
    5. What are the rules advertising policies?
    6. What are the settings for adverting strategies?
    7. What do the advertising companies do?
    8. What is adverting management?
    9. Why you should use adverting strategies?
    10. Handmade advertising products for you to make use of.


    1. Fashion Accessories (350 words)
    2. Fashion and Style
    3. Fashion designing (125 words)
    4. Fashion games for Girls
    5. Fashion Trends (400 words)
    6. Fashion TV (100 words)
    7. Fashionable clothes (400 words)
    8. Fashionable watches (300 words)
    9. Fashion hair styles for ladies.
    10. Fashion colored contact lenses that are high in demand.
    1. Detailed information on investing in stocks (150 words)
    2. How can one develop a financial plan (250 words)
    3. How can one manage one's finance in a smart and wise way?
    4. More information about finance
    5. The means to finance one's business
    6. The reasons to study in the finance sector
    7. The Steps to finance one's degree in Masters
    8. The steps to finance one's car for poor credit holders
    9. The ways of how one can finance one's needs to enter University
    10. The ways to manage one's finance and money


    1. What is Globalization? (125 words)
    2. Arguments on Globalization (350 words)
    3. Effect of Globalization on Indian economy.
    4. Measures towards Globalization in India.
    5. Main organizations for facilitating Globalization.
    6. Globalization in India. (350 words)
    7. Globalization in United States.
    8. Globalization as a source of creativity and innovation.
    9. Globalization impact on American Government and Law.
    10. Globalization and western political culture.

    Health and Fitness:

    1. Aerobics Fitness,
    2. Benefits of Physical activity.
    3. Diet and exercise.
    4. Exercise and Appetite.
    5. Health and Fitness.
    6. Proper handling and cooking of food.
    7. Self-Initiated health and fitness activities.
    8. Tests of body fatness.
    9. Total fitness.
    10. Unhealthy eating.


    1. How to establish a good marketing plan?
    2. How to establish a marketing strategy for your business?
    3. How to gather marketing research?
    4. Marketing Merits and Demerits.
    5. Steps to find the perfect marketing concept.
    6. What exactly is Marketing Mix and how can I benefit from it?
    7. What is a Marketing Information System?
    8. What is Marketing Management?
    9. What is Marketing Myopia?
    10. What types of marketing jobs are available?


    1. Advantages of learning Photography through the internet.
    2. Guidelines on how to take pictures during winter time.
    3. How can one become a wedding photographer without any experience?
    4. Some guidelines on how to take photographs of wildlife.
    5. Some recommended guidelines of taking pictures when one is travelling.
    6. Some tips on how to take nice photographs.
    7. The benefits of using digital photography.
    8. The methods to take pictures of birds.
    9. The ways to display and promote the photographs that you have taken through the use of a website.
    10. The ways to make a collection of photographs.


    1. 7 Deadly Sin of PLR. (450 words)
    2. PLR Rights.
    3. PLR Gangster.
    4. Private Label Rights. (300 words)
    5. The top uses of PLR.
    6. What are Private Label Rights? (250 words)
    7. Create resell rights product.
    8. Create free PLR reports.
    9. Some other things about PLR. (400 words)
    10. Information with regards to the revision of PLR subject and content.


    1. Advantages and Disadvantages of technology. (250 words)
    2. Aeronautic Technology. (250 words)
    3. Computing Technology.
    4. Educational Technology. (400 words)
    5. History of Modern Technology. (200 words)
    6. Is Technology Good or Bad? (200 words)
    7. Medical Technology. (100 words)
    8. Technology in Society. (200 words)
    9. Telecom Technology. (100 words)
    10. The benefits of the kitchen appliances technology.


    1. Air Travel
    2. Air Travel Issues
    3. Budget on Travel
    4. Bus Travel
    5. Cruise Travel
    6. Taking the kids to Travel
    7. Train Travel
    8. Travel
    9. Travel Agent
    10. Travel Importance

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    Hmm...doing nice job...i am also a webmaster doing article and blog selling if any work related me please tell me

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    You have not mentioned the prices. Please tell the prices for the set of 10 articles

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    He lists the price just beneath the list of niches.

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