We need someone to write articles for a clients newly launched website which sells sex toys and related products.

This is a more sophisicated outlet than many of the current retailers - It aims to be classy and clean and not smutty or seedy in anyway so the content needs to match these values (think Ann Summers in terms of branding)

You will need to be able in-depth about the types of products we sell (vibrators etc) as well as general articles on topics such as safe sex, having better sex etc.

Depending on the standard of your work, we may also provide additional on our social media profiles and additional content work.

You will receive $1.50 per 100 words for your articles, each of which will be 500 words so $7.50 per article.

We are only looking for people who speak English as their first language - This content will be linked from the home page of the site so it needs to be well structured and written.

If this project is something that might interest you then by all means drop me a PM and hopefully we will be able to work together on this new project!

Kind regards,