I ain't no mediocre, I deserve better, but clients deserve the best...

Hence, I booked a place in the room of happening webmasters and hard working content writers.

Let me introduce myself:

Firstly, being a native, writing comes naturally to me. My content is flawless just as unblemished skin, which glows with 100% radiance and wins many hearts !! My content exudes the glow and aroma of positivity and helps me win many webmasters hearts

I wish to explore my "literary skills + wicked idiosyncrasy
" to their fullest and benefit from them.

To make it easier, I can throw 3 review copies to webmasters with more than 10+ itraders (I literally mean webmasters, not my other fellow competitive writers. Sorry, but if I throw review copies to writers, it refutes the purpose.)

Now the most important, prices :P

Ok, for starters I would charge:

$5 for 500 words, $6 for 600 words and so on.

PS: The price is temporary and subject to change

So all those who are interested to try me out, can pm me.