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Thread: WTS: 5 High Quality and Enticing Articles on Sale

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    WTS: 5 High Quality and Enticing Articles on Sale


    5 articles on the following topics are on sale.

    1. Easy to Cook Dinner Recipes -500 words

    2. Exotic Dinning Plans Revealed- 500 words

    3. How Important Is It to Eat Dinner Together- 500 words

    4. How to Know If You Have Termites? - 500 words

    5. Ideas for Preparing a Healthy Dinner - 500 words

    I wrote these articles last night.

    If you want to buy them, kindly PM me or mail me at

    Articles are high on quality and can help you in getting a good page rank.

    All 5 articles are unique. Once you have purchased them, you will have all the rights of the articles.

    Price- $20 (Final Price)

    Want to buy them? Cool, let me know.




    Article Sold- How to Know If You Have Termites? - 500 words to shenron

    Rest 4 articles waiting for their buyers..

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    Is that $20 each or for all?

    I would like one not all.


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    Yes, it is $20 for all. But one article on termites has been sold to sheron.

    You can buy the rest 4 dinning related articles for $15.

    In case you just need one, then it will cost you $5.


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