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Thread: $25 Logo Contest - Entries by Private Message Only - Contest Ends Feb 27th @ 5 PM GMT

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    Thumbs up $25 Logo Contest - Entries by Private Message Only - Contest Ends Feb 27th @ 5 PM GMT

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    Is this a spam?
    Why not post a few post in your thread?

    And I dont think pm submission works well since they can easily duped.
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    This is not SPAM and we are against SPAM and do not need to SPAM. Since our client wants TOTAL ANONYMITY and PRIVACY before the site launch, we do not want the logos to be public as one of these would be selected and the selected logo would be PMed to all the applicants as well so they will not feel that they have wasted their time.

    If you do not wish to participate, you need not submit an entry.

    P.S: You can check our iTraders here and particularly at DP (100% Positive everywhere) to know that we do not SCAM or SPAM.

    EDIT: Here is the feedback for entries.

    Chetan @ DP, i am sorry to say - your entry was not considered as you did not follow the rules of the contest. I had requested mods to get the image removed.

    swalihmcmr @ DP : Your second version was a better improvement. However you missed the caption part. May be a different font for the text ? Awaiting for revisions.

    alex.ohc @ DP : You are creative. How about something showing few benches as in a school and a couple of boys on the back (last) bench ?

    tDesigns @ DP : I liked the 1st one of the four entries you have sent especially the font you have used. Please think again on the colors you used.

    All of you may be you should go through and do based on that ? And presently we have a different color in the background but that will be changed to white very soon.

    NetBuilders Wake up. Not even a single entry still from your side ? Awaiting new entries from you guys. Good Luck

    @Stylosa : Sent you a PM.
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    Give me the link to your DP thread, I can't find it for the life of me.

    Design sent, check your inbox!
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    Thanks for the revisions and new logos.

    Stylosa @ NB : Your logos matched the concept and is one of the front-runners. If you have any more concepts, do feel free to update.

    steppysteph @ DP : Thanks for the 3rd revision. Looks really good and is currently leading the race if selected you will need to provide us the source files (vector / PSD) so we can use as need in future.

    alex.ohc @ DP : You are really creative and the 3rd colorful revision looks nice. We may be considering to use this in one of the animated banners soon. Can you try something more on a professional front with more elegance.

    And those of you who are thinking of viewing the other logo entries so far submitted, can view them at

    Contest has been extended for next 24 hours based on the request of the participants who wanted to see the other logos so they can try to do something better than the existing ones.

    So this contest will now end at 28th Feb 2009 at 5 PM GMT. I hope no participant is offended by this.

    But remember if you post the image directly on this thread, you will be out of the contest. Entries strictly through PM only. Thank you for your hard work and time.

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    Thanks everyone who sent the new ones and revised entries and the contest will be ending in next 1 Hr and 31 Minutes from the time of this post. So the last minute rushers, here is your last chance to participate and remember entries only PM.

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    Looking forward to seeing the winner

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    Contest ended. No more entries will be accepted.

    Front-Runners are :

    • steppysteph @ DP
    • alex.ohc @ DP
    • swalihmcmr @ DP
    • Stylosa @ NB

    Others, please don't feel bad that your logo didn't make it to the final selection but they were really great but like we know there would be just 1 winner and we are trying to judge the final winner. Winner will be declared in next 8 to 12 hours in this thread and paid by PayPal.

    Thanks again everyone for participating in the contest. Have a nice weekend err month-end.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Our client has chosen Stylosa @ NB as the winner. Please provide me with your PayPal. We also require you to correct the word "Opportunity" and also provide us with a PSD (source) and a transparent versions with size 325 x 125 and 330 x 100.

    steppysteph @ DP and alex.ohc @ DP, please keep your work safe as we will contact you in a month time for the same.

    swalihmcmr @ DP, I am sorry your revision could not be accepted as it was submitted after we sent the logos to our client for their judgment.

    Payment Sent.

    Logos Received.

    iTrader exchanged.

    Transaction completed. Mods may close this thread. Thanks.
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