Cash prize of $5 will be given by PP to the winner of question selected by Menard at ask Menard Section at

Menard section at offwalk is very popular for good quality, intellectual and interesting question asked by the members and replies for the same given by Menard in detail with depth and details in very interesting way.

The cash prize of $5 will be given to best question asked here in 'Ask Menard' Section, by PP.

The winner by selected by Menard himself.

The Contest will be start from Next Monday i.e 11th Oct to Saturday i.e 17th Oct 2009 for one week (The period decided for next week as Menard would not be available in this week)

Please not for asking the question you have register at

Any other point for this contest if any will be declared by Menard himself.

For more details visit following link;

Ask Menard at Offwalk