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Thread: 5$ for domain name

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    5$ for domain name

    I need domain for my general topics site.

    Curently it is here General Topics

    Domain needs to be available for register.

    I preffer .com but cool .net .org will be ok too.

    Some words that can be used are: know, faq, topics, answers...

    I reserve right not to pick any domain you suggested and not to give price.

    If you really impress me I will give extra 5$.

    If I pick more entries except winners. All others will get 2$ for beer

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. Any suggestion will got at least Thanks

  2. and are two good places I use to look for new/cheap domains

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    How about these?

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    "" is available!

    Quite honestly, I'd just go for something brandable (like Google, Yahoo or something!). This tool has often helped me: Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator

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    winner is from here


    that was the first guy who suggested

    contest ends. but if someone has last minute suggestion I will accept it .

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