This showed up in my mailbox.

Hi Will,

We are holding a Twitter contest to try and spread the word about our upcoming SearchAppalooza competition. The winner will of this contest will receive a brand new Amazon Kindle 2!

How Do I Enter?

To enter to win the Amazon Kindle 2, all you need to do is post the following tweet about Searchapalooza:
We will give you a contest entry for each day that you tweet this - so tweet once-a-day for the maximum chance to win!

What Is SearchAppalooza?

SearchAppalooza is a 1-hour face-off, or heated conversation among the biggest names--market-defining developers and decision makers--in search innovation today, held this year @ SES NYC on Tuesday, March 24th and featuring the "Kick-Ass Apps Contest".

We are looking to find the developer who has coolest new search application, and 5 winners will get a chance to present their apps to Microsoft & Yahoo execs, JenSense, and other internet gurus. Think of it this way - American Idol for developers, with Yahoo and Microsoft as the judges. You can read more about it and/or apply here.

Best Regards,
The Chitika Team
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