This is for a charity website I just built. Have a friend whose daughter seemed to be in the clear from her childhood leukemia. Now she has a kid, a husband, a job as a teller at a local bank... and a relapse into cancer. Without a bone-marrow tranplant she won't be around.

Cost is going to be pretty high. The CO-PAY after insurance does its job... $80,000.

Anyway to the contest
I'm going to change my avatar in here to the one submitted by the winner. Need something that pushes the site... I'll post the best of them on the blog associated with that site, with backlinks to the site of the guy that submits them.

No money involved, just backlinks, thanks, and the knowledge that you did a good thing. Specs on an avatar... traditionally 80x80 pixels. Aside from that, you are limited only by your imagination. I know we have some talented folks in here, so I look forward to seeing what my new avatar looks like.

btw - I'll toss in blogroll links for anyone that uses one of the avs in here or gives it a link in their sig. My only financial interest in this site is paying for the hosting, the template, and spending time building it. In other words, I'm not into this for money, this is purely a charity venture. Any assistance you provide by way of a Facebook mention, Digg, etc is appreciated.