I am holding a netbuilders exclusive contest for my new forum at Onion Proxy- Free Webbased Proxies
head over to the forum at Onion Proxy Forum - Index

here are the rules:

  1. In order to be included in the contest, you must post your username in this topic
  2. At the end of the contest, you must have atleast 50 posts or you don't win anything
  3. No spam at all! spammers will be banned instantly
  4. Must submit atleast 20 websites inorder to win the second prize

First Prize: Most number of threads and posts: 40USD$
Second Prize: Most number of proxy submissions at main site: 20USD$
Third Prize: Second most number of threads and posts: 20USD$
Fourth Prize: Most refferals 10USD
Fifth Prize: Second most refferals: free link on footer (as partner) for a month

PRIZE for all participants : Free Email proxy blast for 10 Proxies