Hello everyone.

In an attempt to help spark some activity at one of my forums I am introducing a posting contest. All of the details are available in my thread located here.

Here is the summary:

The competition will begin on Friday, June 12th and will end on Friday, June 19th. If you think you're going to be clever and spam by posting irrelevant or off topic responses, or posts with little to no substance, they will not be counted. Period. We're trying to increase activity and get some nice material around the forum, not create the 2009 Spam Festival.

Prizes will include:
- Control over the signatures of the staff. (This is a great promotional opportunity.) No adult material will be displayed.
- A special title underneath your name. (We could try something like "June Posting Champion" or something of your selection.)
- And finally, since this is probably the best promotional method - I'll transfer a cash prize directly to your PayPal account.

Check it out! We hope you participate.

Thank you.