We have recently launched our new service to shorten your long URLs and also to save and share your code snippets online. You may say, we have too many such services already online. Ours is a different service which will allow you to shorten many links and pastes at once and get a single NiceURL for all those long URLs. Also our Pastebin is specially targeted at developers who believe in team work and sharing of knowledge and intellectual properties.

We have started this contest to promote this new service. Here are the contest rules.

  • You must be a human living on earth. Aliens, please excuse
  • You must be having a valid email and use it to participate
  • You must not use a temporary disposable or anonymous re-mailer e-mail to participate
  • You must agree to and abide by the terms
  • You must not be using NiceURL service to promote SPAM or Phishing or explicit warez or adult or any other illegal content or websites which are not child-safe.
  • You must have at least 2 long URLs in your NiceURL or a useful paste with 5 or more lines each.
  • You must have created at least 25 NiceURLs to be a part of the contest.
  • You must agree to allow us to mask & publish your email on our website if you are chosen as winner of the contest.
  • Contest goodies (Vouchers / Coupons) can not be converted into cash.

Contest winner gets

Contest ends at 23:59:59 on 30th of June 2009. If you have any questions, PM me here or contact us directly by visiting our website.