Sometime today my free disposable e-mail service will pass 870,000 e-mails received. My goal for this project from the beginning has been to hit 1,000,000 e-mails received. I am slowly inching towards that goal, but I would like to speed up the process.

So, here's my contest. Download and install my Firefox Add-on, QuickInbox Generator, and take a screenshot of yourself using it. Post the screenshot in the replies below and you are entered to win. You are allowed to enter up to 3 times (so you can post 3 screenshots of yourself using it at different sites).

When QuickInbox hits 900,000 e-mails received I will make a list of all the users who entered the contest (obviously if you post more than one screenshot your name will be listed more than once) and randomly draw one. That person will be sent a PM to get their PayPal, which will be sent the $10.

As a bonus when the service hits 1,000,000 e-mails received I will draw again. The list will contain every who has posted screenshots since the beginning

Confused? I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have in the replies. I expect the site to hit 900,000 e-mails in the next two weeks if not before, so get your screenshots posted!