iPod Nano Contest Give-Away!!!!

Our next contest is going to be a 30 day contest in which anyone can win. In a previous contest Kayls won a free hosting package, and our second cost for a free forum skin Lee Lawson won! Our third contest is going to be a little bit bigger, and anyone can win, the more people who participate the better the prize! By far the best prizes we've given away to date, with more coming in the future!

For simplicity sake this contest will be from August 1st, till August 30th. Winners will be announced Sept 2nd, and prizes shipped out no later than September 5th.

Since exact numbers aren't available for when we start this, it's going to work like this:

If we gain 0-200 new posts then a $25 amazon gift certificate goes to first place.
If we gain 201-500 new posts then a $50 amazon gift certificate goes to first place and a $15 gift certificate goes to 2nd place.
If we get 501-1,100 new posts, the grand prize winner will be a $75 gift certificate, followed with a $25 certificate and 3rd place will get $15 worth of Amazon gift certificates.

That's just for posting, the person with the highest points total during those 30 days will be the winner, 2nd place is determined by the second most number of points and 3rd place is the 3rd most points.


If we manage over 3,500 posts and 100 new members during the 30 days, then a winner at random will be selected to get an iPod Nano (one of the fancy new ones with video!). The official post count as of 12:00am August 1st, 2010 will be used to determine the start and target post count!

Further information:

This contest is valid to anyone who is allowed to participate in contests in their country. No staff members or family of staff are allowed to win, and only one prize per forum member for the 30 days. Open to all members world wide, not just USA, prizes can not be substituted for actual value. Forum points have no cash value and are reset before any contest officially begins. If you have any questions just ask!


Visit the official announcement thread for information on how to earn bonus points! http://community-forums.net/forums/topic/3220-free-ipod-nano-monthly-contest/