I have a wordpress site about green gadgets that I need redesigned. I don't like the current design at all.

I am looking for redeign of the site and really catchy logo for the header.

I am looking for the template to have two main areas - the left column for the content and the right column where categories, related posts, commenst, top posts, etc will go. or, if you prefer, you can come with your own structure and does nto have to follow the left and right column structure.

The right column should be quite big, obviosuly not as big as the contnet column on the left but shoudl 1/3 of the content column.

Since its a environment oriented site, it should make use of green as its color scheme. The main background should be white though with quite a lot of white space, I don't want it looking crowded.

In terms of color and design you could use treehugger.com or ecostreet.com as imnspiration.


The winning design will need to install the template on my current site. Also, a few up todate plugins may be requitred to be installed like Twitter, Tweets, most read article, etc.

The site can be located on at www.greengadgeting.com

The contest will run for several days or until I have received excellent designs out of which I will pick a winner.

If you exceed my expectations, the total payment will be $200.

Please just submit your entries here. Thanks