Hello NB'ers!

There's a posting contest going on on General Forums where I'm participating. They are giving away $145 in Amazon coupons, so I'd like to ask for a little bit of help!

You know I like to post and help people on forums, so will I do that on that forum, but to get some extra points to win I need the help of some NB'ers. Could you please sign up at GeneralForums and put 'Aquarezz' as referrer? Than I can get some extra posts and I refer you to a forum full of usefull information, like 30 Blackhat SEO Techniques, other SEO information etc.

Ofcourse you have to make some posts, but I'm sure you'll find the forum interesting enough to participate just like you do here

Thanks in advance, if I can help too, please tell
- Aquarezz