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Thread: Redesign a header - simple job - urgently for $5

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    Redesign a header - simple job - urgently for $5

    Below is my original banner

    I need it to be redesigned to my webdesign layout at SagarDezign

    The above banner has 3 objects to be edited.

    * 1st object is logo. Please take my present logo and resize it and try to place in small size in position of "INFOCUS FOR WORDPRESS".

    * 2nd object is center part. Since I provide service on WEBDESIGN, SEO, GRAPHICS DESIGN, ARTICLE WRITING. I need 4 small banner to be placed on there. And each banner should represent for each of my service

    * 3rd object is bottom one where it shows all service in text. Please change it to below services:

    1. Basic HTML Design
    2. E-commerce stores
    3. WP, Joomla, Phpbb Script Installation
    4. Job Portals Installation
    5. Payment Gateway Integration
    6. Website Redesigning & Maintenance
    7. Logo Design
    8. Banner Design
    9. Flash Header Design
    10. SEO & Internet Marketing
    11. Google AdSense & AdWords
    12. Hire Pro Article Writers
    13. Blog Content Writer
    14. Domain Name Registration
    15. Secure Hosting Services
    16. And much more...

    I need all these to be done shortly. I need all the stuffs ready within 24hrs. I will pay you immedietely $5 and if I like your job you will be personally contacted for future deals directly and also you will be hired for my company as logo designer.

    Try your luck designers!

    Direct link for original banner

    Please provide me photoshopped image along with .psd file.
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    no offense intended, but I find it funny how "designers" or design firms ask for such service. and you claim you're a leading company in first class web design? come on.

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    Our company is new and I need designer. Right now I have only filled with seo and writers bro. So dont mistake with the concept.

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