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Thread: Style Sidebar Widgets For Wordpress $25

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  1. Style Sidebar Widgets For Wordpress $25

    $25 via PayPal for finishing up my wordpress design I just dont have time or energy for it atm and it needs to launch

    Only part is the sidebar widget design that needs finished up and it must match the rest of the Wordpress design. (

    Once the code is complete and payment has been made, I retain full ownership of the code. At no time is permission granted, or implied for graphics, or code of my site to be used else where.

    You'll have to use view-> source and generate code, or I can send the sidebar.php file. It should be simple CSS changes but if not let me know.
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  2. anyone interested in this before going off to post it for $5 at DP?
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    If you send over the image you want to be on top and bottom also the sides? I can tinker with it. Would be for fun so if someone who wanted to make came along you could give it to them also. Its something I can and teach myself.

    edit** Actually let someone else mess with it I dont wanna try this.

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    Provide the sidebar.php file and I could do it for you if still interested.

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