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Thread: Webmasterpeers Nice Contest...!!!! (Almost deadline..!!!)

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    Webmasterpeers Nice Contest...!!!! (Almost deadline..!!!)

    [TEMPLATE][/TEMPLATE]Hi guys, there is nice contest on WebMasterPeers Forum. This forum is a place to talk anything related to webmaster, blogging, internet business, and many more. The contest is so nice because there is 19 prize available for you, here is the list of the prize :

    -250$ in cash from Swastik A and Farrhad A.
    -Developer 3 Months Package from Woo Themes worth 225$
    -Forum skin design worth 300$ by Josh.
    -One Copy of Flip Ninja worth 100$ (This is x2)
    -1 Hour of Blog Consulting by BloggingTune worth 100$
    -Twitter Background and Avatar by TwitArt worth 88$
    -One ‘free for first year’ hosting plan from WP Web Host worth 80$
    (This is x3)
    -One banner from The WWW Blog worth $60
    -One banner from Let's Sermo worth 50$
    -Banner design from Ben Pei worth 50$
    -One copy of Blog and Make Cash worth 20$
    -One banner from The Dollar Diary worth 15$
    -One banner from The Blogging Park worth 15$
    -One banner from OnlineBull worth 15$
    -One banner from Blogging Kid worth 15$
    -One banner from Chidimar worth $15
    -One banner from Teenius worth $10.

    All you need to get the prize is try to collect entry as much as you can. To get entry is so easy, by making thread you get 1 entry and to reply post you get 0.5 entry. There is also many alternatives to get an entry such tweeting, forum post, etc.

    The contest is end on 2nd June 2009, so there is still a time to join.

    This is the contest detail : WMP CONTEST

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    Quote Originally Posted by akira07 View Post
    The contest is end on 2nd June 2009, so there is still a time to join.
    Yes there is, 1 day

    Well I don't like 'posting contests' but since I'm signing up on different forums daily to spread my stuff, I might have the webmasterpeers a try
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Ah yes so sorry, forgot to inform this forum...i just remember it in the last time
    Anyway, since it's 19 prize avaialble, yes, you can try to participate and get the prize (maybe it's not for big prize, but it's not bad right)

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    Dude, contests are gonna come here also. So, I'd suggest, spend those time here and try to win prizes from here. Not just that, it is not as reputed as NB - we are not guaranteed that we'll be winning anything !!! Also, the site is just at PR 1 - Also just 5 members were online when I last checked it !!! So, why to join there? Also, with whom are we gonna discuss there? with 5 members ??? LOL .. wait for 2-3 days, and sometimes, we'll be having a cool contest here at NB. (I'm a bit busy at the moment - got some article orders from DP. ..otherwise I would have come up with some more ideas and posts)

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