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Thread: Win 100 $NB

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    Question Win 200 $NB

    I'm going to organise a contest on BabesCast, but I'm stuck as I have no ideas for a price nor an idea how winners could be decided

    So I need your ideas, the winner will win 200 $NB (or maybe more ), so I'm in need of two things, please give an answer on both to win the 200 $NB. The thing I'll choose gets the $NB ofcourse

    What should the BabesCast visitors do to win the price(s)?
    What should the price be?

    For the first question, I had these things in mind:
    - Posting on their website about BabesCast, but it isn't a webmasterblog so I think not many visitors know how to create a website -- so it's a bad idea
    - Promote BabesCast the original way -- but I don't know how they will do it than

    For the second question, I had these things in mind:
    - Brazzers account, or membership on a similar website
    - A fun toy
    - Something else that can be used on a daily basis but isn't related to adult stuff

    Please come up with great ideas, thanks in advance!
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    A contest for adult orientated sites are pretty hard to do if its when there small or new, imo. I tried the same thing on one of mine and it didn't go over very well and that was with 2k a day in uv's. I even held a best poster contest on my kung fu site $25 a month for the winner, I ended up paying out for 3 months to people that only posted 4-7 post in the entire month (arghhh) so...

    I'll give its some thought this week and if I come up with anything I'll give you a shout.

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    Thanks for the ideas so far, but I hope I'm going to get some more! Where are the others?

    Will it help if I throw in another 100$NB? Ok the price for the best answers is now 200 $NB
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I've seen sites that have a montly contest with a poll. So you could have a babecast babe poll and the winner gets $25 and free exposure. Eash babe puts some photos abd a post up. Just send some shouts out to some porn starts that are on myspace and facebook.

    You can also run a series on chicken wings and porn. Profile the best wings for the month and up abd coming babes.


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