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Thread: Win $100 Via Paypal

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    That really sucks if he refuse to pay

  2. Quote Originally Posted by tvkchaitanya View Post
    he didnot paid tell now he told he sent money but he did not sent money to paypal and i got lost pm on 29 sep and from that day he did not visited NB forum and i contacted him in his forum he replied but he says that " i had paid to u r pp if it is wrong pp i will dispute and get money back and i will pay to you " he told 2 days back till now no response

    still waiting
    told you so, you should have check his reputation on DP first before doing the job. i think he's gamer136 in dp..

    PS: Aquarezz should be thankful to himself for not continuing the job there :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshide View Post
    This really Sucks!

    I think we should Honest mess up his Forum if hes gonna be like that and not pay !

    Send me a message with his Forum URL and I'm in , I hate scammers.
    Don't waste your time on that, it's life and we should learn to live with it

    If I'm checking the posts me and tvguayacke (Or something like that ) than I understand why he didn't pay yet. Our posts were fast-made, without a lot of quality. But it's $100,- and fair is fair so why wouldn't we made the posts fast?

    I think all of us learned about this, let's close this thread now and forget about everything
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yup, please report to a mod and get this thread closed. I know its not good to loose, but I don't think you can do anything much about it.

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    Nice contest. I would have joined if I had seen earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMRock View Post
    Nice contest. I would have joined if I had seen earlier.
    I am sure you have not read the thread. This was probably scam.

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    What about getting him banned here?
    Scammers shouldn't exist in this forum atleast.

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    Wow..what do you expect? $100 for a contest with less promotion, forum which was unknown to many should looked around, see his post, check thoroughly before you join and at the end bitching about how you got scammed.

    Not to make it worse here but hell, $100 is too much for referral and posting contest if I might say. Sometimes if its too good to be true, it is because its not the truth.
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    THEZ replied me to my pm and accepted to pay now and i replied him and waiting for his pm
    i will inform you after payment is made

    Thank you

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