First Prize $25

Second Prize $10

Here is what you need to do to Win!!!

Post informational and useful comments or your review of any Free show on from July 14, 2011 to July 28 2011 (14 days).

Contest ends on July 28 2011 that is the last day to post as many comments or reviews as possible.

Please note quality of your comments is important this is not just a numbers game.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Comments must be useful and informational, not spam.
2. Winner will be announced on Friday July 29, 2011.
3. I reserve the right to remove any comments or sites that are considered spam or non-informational.
4. Do not drop links in the body of the comment. Any link found in the body of the comment will be removed.
5. Gambling sites, porn sites, phishing sites are not allowed.
6. Winner will be notified by email so please provide a valid paypal email address.
7. Decision is final.

If this contest is a successful, there shall be more contests in the future with even bigger cash prizes.

Good luck!