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Thread: Win 4 free domains

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    Win 4 free domains

    You only need to leave a comment here
    Free domains giveaway | Sulumits Retsambew
    but first read rules carefully.

    On 15.05.2009. I will randomly pull out winners.

    No strings attached

    Two English name domains: Expires: 2009-12-24 Registrar: GoDaddy (five letter domain with two keywords) Expires: 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller (brandable)

    Two Serbo-Croatian name domains: Expires: 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller („best links“ on Serbian language – a directory) 2009-07-13 Registrar: GoDaddy Reseller

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    *Comment Placed*

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    *Comment Placed*

    Great thanks

  4. I left a comment

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    great! 30 day more until picking a winners

    I am wondering would it be more interesting
    to drop few more domain there

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    oh me too! YAY!! so is this it like i just post on here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratulcool1 View Post
    oh me too! YAY!! so is this it like i just post on here ?
    you need to leave comment on that link from the first thread with the name of domain you want.
    2 days until end of the contest.

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    Whoohooo I'm in. Commented!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JokeR View Post
    Whoohooo I'm in. Commented!
    Yes, but you forgot to say which domain you want

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