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Thread: Win $50! Chat Source - The source of Chat

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    Win $50! Chat Source - The source of Chat

    What is this?:
    Our annual competition is a massive competition you should all take part in. This involves posting and referrals. We base the end result on the person with the most cookies. Our stats page in the Cookies console is there if you wish to check if you are currently in any sort of lead.

    How do I earn cookies?:
    You can look at how many cookies you earn per thing here. To earn more cookies faster you will need to do referrals. Get your friends to join, online and offline friends... people from Facebook... anyone who you know! The more referrals the more bonus points you get. Also in order to get anywhere you must become an active poster over here. People will be posting their butt's off for this competition so you will need to be an amazing active poster.

    What is the prize?:
    $50 will be sent to the person who wins this competition. $10 will be sent for five weeks unless we get donations. If we get donations you will get the $50 quicker.

    • For referral's if anyone is caught signing up more than once they are given a disqualification. IP's will be checked when the contest ends.
    • Posting spam will get you no where.
    • You must enjoy yourself. We do not want this to be a heavy task on you but a fun task.
    • Sorry... but staff cannot take part.

    We reserve the right to add anymore rules at any given time. Though we will post a reply stating those changes so you can check them out.

    $50 Posting/Referral Competition!

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    Last entries close in a couple of days and then it will be a battle of our entrants for one week to see who can post the most. If you want $50 here is your chance. If you do not think you can win still try. We'll be glad you've tried rather than not tried.

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    ZINC is the wildcard winner. He will be sent $20 and has been sent 5k cookies. He won wildcard by having the best posts.

    Official contest closes in a couple of days.

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    The winner has been announced. This has been an amazing competition to hold Keep checking for more amazing competitions we hold along the way.

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