I am getting this error when trying to add any data in the myphpadmin.

#1452 - Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`artdb/image`, CONSTRAINT `image_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`artid`) REFERENCES `artist` (`artid`))

I am using only one field to input so I know that I am using a valid artid.

After playing with around it seems as though I can only enter 1 artid and the rest gets kicked out, but that is only if I go directly thru the Insert on myphpadmin. If I re-add the tables and go with a different artid it works only for that one.

Here are the 2 tables I am working with -
CREATE TABLE artist (artid varchar(11) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
 fullName tinytext Not Null,
 firstName tinytext NULL,
 middleName tinytext NULL,
 lastName tinytext NULL,
 otherName tinytext NULL,
 called tinytext NULL,
 dob_xt tinytext NULL,
 dob tinytext NULL,
 dod_xt tinytext NULL,
 dod tinytext,
 nationality tinytext,
 artform tinytext,
 movid_1 varchar(7),
 movid_2 varchar(7),
 movid_3 varchar(7),
 medid_1 varchar(7),
 medid_2 varchar(7),
 medid_3 varchar(7),
 genid_1 varchar(7),
 genid_2 varchar(7),
 genid_3 varchar(7),
 perid varchar(7),
 bio mediumtext,
 keywords tinytext,
 notes text,
 verified BOOL);
CREATE TABLE image (imgid varchar(11) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
 artid varchar(11) NOT NUll,
 title tinytext,
 datext_1 tinytext,
 date tinytext,
 medid varchar(7),
 size_inch tinytext,
 size_cm tinytext,
 musid varchar(7),
 movid varchar(7),
 genid varchar(7),
 perid varchar(7),
 bio text,
 keywords text,
 notes text,
 verified BOOL,
 FOREIGN KEY (artid) REFERENCES artist (artid)
I understand a bit of the error msg but not this part - `image_ibfk_1`

I am not really sure that I need to use a Foreign Key. But I can't get a query to work and was thinking this may be the issue.