Hi there,

I have done this kinda things earlier when I changed my server to a new one.
Again, I'm in a similar situation. I tried to upload the backup file by entering phpmyadmin and then issuing the import command. But as always it returns some error. Ahh, I don't use import function for the same reason - earlier i used - some utility to restore - if i remember it correctly- it was a php file and i had to upload it to my server - I had to enter db details, destination sql file details etc in that php file - and things went fine that time - i was able to restore a big sql dump file. But I just don't remember that things name - also this time the file is just 3.5 mb in size ---- I have the file in my server - so i think there would be some way to store it to the right place from the server itself - i mean is there any need to download to my pc again ? anyways its in the server only - there is a need to just do some importing - actually its a .sql file - and some sql commands have to be run - thats all.

Anyone pls come up with some ideas....